Garden City Hotel

At Garden City Hotel, we have fully committed staff members that can be accessible 24/7 (in-person) and via messaging, telephone and email. Experience unparalleled service and convenience at our hotel in Deira, Dubai, where our dedicated staff is always available to meet your needs.


35 A St - Naif - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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How to Reach Us

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By Air

Book a flight to Dubai International Airport (DXB).Use taxis, ride-sharing, or public transport to reach the hotel.Get the precise address of Garden City Hotel.Dubai has taxis, ride-sharing, and a metro system.Check if the hotel provides a shuttle service.Reach out for the latest details on transportation options.

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By Metro

If arriving at DXB, take the Red Line towards UAE Exchange or Jebel Ali.Purchase a Nol card for metro travel.Transfer to other lines if needed or use alternative transport to reach the nearest station to Garden City Hotel.Confirm the hotel's location and the nearest metro station, considering a short taxi ride if necessary.Verify any recent changes in the Dubai Metro system.

Public Transportation (1)

By Public Transportation

Find the nearest bus or metro station to the hotel.Use local buses or the Dubai Metro, and get a Nol card for metro travel.Use local transport apps for real-time schedules and routes.If within walking distance, plan your route accordingly.Reach out to the hotel for specific guidance on using public transportation.

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